Be proud of your scars. They have everything to do with your strength, and what you’ve endured. They’re a treasure map to the deep self – Clarissa Pinkola Estes


About me


I was raised in a close-knit diverse family that, amongst other things, stimulated my curiosity and love for people. After matriculating, I started my tertiary studies at Stellenbosch University in BA Humanities and completed a Masters in Clinical Psychology at the University of the Free State. Thereafter I completed an Internship at Free State Psychiatric Complex, Bloemfontein, where I received hands-on training in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of psychiatric conditions. Lastly, I completed a year of Community Service at Boitumelo Regional Hospital, Kroonstad, where I, together with a multidisciplinary team, provided psychotherapeutic treatment to both in- and outpatients in a primary healthcare setting.


Currently, I work as Independent Practitioner in affiliation with Netcare Hospital, Kroonstad. As a Clinical Psychologist, I am registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and the Board of Healthcare Funders of South Africa (BHF). This certification permits me to assess, diagnose and treat psychological (i.e. emotional, behavioral and cognitive) discomfort. I assist children (ages 4-12 years), adolescents (12-18 years) and adults (18+ years); as individuals, couples or families.

How I work


I utilise an integrative approach, meaning that I do not subscribe to only one psychotherapeutic school of thought, but rather utilise an integration of different approaches to ensure a goodness of fit between the client needs and therapeutic approach. I believe that each client is unique, and my approach is therefore tailored accordingly to serve each client’s needs. I further believe that each individual is an expert in his/her self and for this reason the process is a collaborative effort to reach goals, set at the initial stage of the therapeutic process, together. The length of a session is usually 50 minutes and the length of the process will be determined by the presenting complaint and goals of each individual client.


I am passionate about Psychology and fear that one lifetime is not enough to acquire all the knowledge, skill and experience in this inspiring field. I continuously look for ways to develop and enrich my professional identity.I have a special interest in trauma healing and in 2017 qualified as Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. I have found the incidence of trauma and related psychiatric conditions to be significantly high among South Africans, and I hope to offer survivors of trauma an improved therapeutic service and a chance at a more meaningful life.


Additionally, I have a special interest in couples (relationships or marriages) and in 2017 have qualified as Imago Clinical Therapist (in training). I believe that the benefits of a conscious adult relationships will ripple through, not only to the wellbeing of each partner, but also to the wellbeing of their children involved and related community.




The fees charged for psychology sessions are within standard medical aid rates as approved by the Board of Healthcare Funders of South Africa (BHF).